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Reward System Lesson Ideas

The following are ideas that feature rewards for group/class behavior. Sometimes these are good to set up when you have an especially difficult class to deal with and they need extra incentives to behave properly during physical education class.

Grades K-2

Teamwork Hill
Panther Mania
The Quiet Game
One Minute
Super Sneaker Award

Grades 3-5

Hot Air Balloon Ride
Good Choices Green Ticket Contest
End of Class Points
All-Star Award
Class "Goals"
Golden Sneaker Award
P.E. Bees
S.T.A.R.S. Program
Warning Cards
The Sunshine Board
PEP Club (Physical Education Patrol)
Thankful Feathers
Fit Bucks

Grades 6-8

Hot Hands
P.E. Student of the Week
Baseball Class of the Week

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