What is the purpose of Best Practices?

PE Central realizes that physical education professionals around the world are designing extraordinary events, programs, or units of study. Best Practices is designed to acknowledge teachers who create, design, and implement various best practices, while simultaneously sharing those ideas with teachers around the world.

What are some examples of Best Practices?

Examples of possible best practices include: creative and unique units, family nights, open house programs, after school programs, or field trips.

How does the process work?

Professionals who are interested in submitting a Best Practice idea may do so by filling out the on line submission form. The submitted idea will then be reviewed by an editorial board. If the editorial board accepts the idea it will be posted in PE Central's Best Practice Showcase Rooms. Once the idea is posted, it then has the possibility of being upgraded to a Blue Ribbon Best Practice.

How does a Best Practice earn Blue Ribbon Status?

Anyone can vote for any of the Best Practices listed in the showcase rooms on the Best Practices Site. Voting is done by going to any of the published Best Practices and then clicking on the Vote Now link next to the practice. Any Best Practice that receives FIVE votes, will be awarded Blue Ribbon Status. The following awards and recognition are given to Blue Ribbon Status winners.

Awards and Recognition

The following icon will be placed next to the Blue Ribbon Practice in the showcase room:

Blue Ribbon Icon

In addition, the following banner will be posted on their description page:

Best Practice Blue Ribbon Winner

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