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PE Central Workshops provide K-12 physical educators with practical ideas and hands-on activities they can easily implement into their physical education program. Our professional development workshops are fun, engaging, and filled with valuable skill building tools such as: how to implement Personalized Learning/Project Based Learning into your program; how to use FitnessGram to it's fullest; how to integrate literacy and other subjects into PE; and so much more! We offer 1/2 day (3 hour), 1 day (6 hour) and 2-day workshops that are built specifically for K-12 Health and PE teachers. If you need a virtual workshop via Zoom or GoToMeeting we can accomodate that as well. If you can't find what you are looking for contact us as we have more workshops to offer. Our presenters have over 225 years of presentation experience that deal with hundreds of topics.

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"I don't think things could have gone any better today! The presenters
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Topic: Project Based Learning for Secondary Physical Education
Presenter: Misti Wajciechowski
Misti Wajciechowski
Grade Level: 6-12
Length: 6 hours / 1 day or 3 hours / 1/2 day
Location: Richmond, VA (VCU)
In this workshop, physical education teachers will learn how to implement Project Based Learning (PBL) (or sometimes referred to as Personalized Learning) into their program. Participants will explore the meaning of project based learning, the benefits of implementing PBL strategies, and collaborate with other professionals to develop a PBL activity of their own. This activity based workshop will allow teachers to experience PBL themselves and reflect on how developing PBL activities would enhance the learning experience for their own students.

Topic: Active Academics: Incorporating physical activity throughout the school day
Presenters: Eloise Elliott & Derek Belcher
Eloise Elliott
Grade Level: K-5
Length: 6 hours/1 day
Location: Morgantown, WV (WVU)
Designed for schools and districts to help K-5 teachers incorporate physical activity in their regular classroom instruction and in other school opportunities throughout the school day. Active Academics one-day workshop will give K-5 teachers the knowledge, skills, and practical classroom-tested ideas to incorporate movement and physical activity throughout the school day - in the classroom, during break times such as lunch and recess, and before/after school opportunities. This professional development workshop has been aligned with the national standards, including the Core Content Standards, developed by our leading professional organizations. This workshop is developed through a partnership with Active Academics.


Topic: Large Group Tactical Games
Presenter: Dave Senecal
Dave Senecal
Grade Level: K-8
Length: 6 hours / 1 day or 3 hours / 1/2 day
Location: Atlanta, GA (P.B. Ritch Middle School)
Most of these games will work on the cardiovascular aspects as well as the manipulative skills because students will tend to push themselves harder to win the game or perform better than the other team. Competition is not a bad thing; however, the proper etiquette needs to be conveyed before the games begin. Large group games can be great places for students to hide and not do anything. So in many cases I try to develop different non-threatening positions within the game so each student feels like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Like small group tactical games, this session will explore games that place an emphasis on tactics: the strategy and skills needed to participate in game like situations. Many of these games are considered lead up games to the actual sport. Some of the games incorporate a combination of skills that give the learner several opportunities to practice the skills in game like situations.

Additional Workshop Topics

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Presenter: Brenda Goodwin

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Integrating Technology into Your Physical Education Program
Presenters: Misti Wajciechowski

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