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We have worked with our sponsor, S&S Worldwide, to bring quality online courses and webinars to Physical Education teachers around the world. These courses offer real take-aways that can be used to improve your teaching and the hours can be put towards licensure renewal. The shorter courses we offer are self-paced, so there is no formal start or end date for completing a course, thus, giving you the freedom to complete assignments on your schedule. Some of the short courses are instructor guided and some are designed without an instructor. Certificates of completion are emailed upon completion of each course. CEU Credit/s are available with any of the courses that we offer that are 10 hours or more. Learn more here. Costs start as low as $19 (Webinar) and $49 (Short PD courses) and you can pay with a credit card or a Purchase Order (must receive check first). [email protected]

Graduate courses are offered with optional graduate credits (up to 3) available from our partner at Adams State University. These courses start at a set time and have an end date and you will earn a letter grade (A-F). You will have to pre-register for these courses and enrollment is limited.

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We are an NYSED Approved CTLE Sponsor!

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All of our instructors are passionate professionals like yourself with many of them being practicing teachers in schools and Universities from all over the world. Not only will you gain knowledge from these courses that will help your teaching, you are also supporting our instructors as they share in the revenue generated by your purchase. Thanks again!

Current Courses and Administrator Approval Sheets

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Courses with Optional Graduate Credit Available

We typically offer these courses with college credit during Fall, Summer and Spring. You must pre-register for these courses and optional graduate credits are available at an additional cost from Adams State University. Dates for Graduate courses subject to change. FAQ's here.

Note: During Summer Session, there are no classes during the week of July 4

Short Courses for Professional Development Hours (No College Graduate Credits Available)

Teaching Large Classes in Physical Education

Lesson Planning

Classroom Management

Integrating Technology in Physical Education

STEM/STEAM in Physical Education

Models of PE Instruction

Interviewing for a Physical Education Job

Grants and Fundraising

Preschool Physical Education

New/First Year Physical Education Teachers

Activity-Related Courses

Integrating Classroom Subjects into Physical Education Courses

Social Media and Physical Education

Field Day

Limited Space Teaching in Physical Education

Project Based Learning/Personalized Learning in Physical Education Courses

Peer-Assisted/Developmental PE

Adapted Physical Education Courses

Assessment Courses

Evaluating and Designing Appropriate Lesson Plan Courses

Physical Literacy Courses

Sport Education

Teaching Games

Teaching Dance

Teaching Yoga


The following are 1-hour recorded webinars we offer. Most are $19 to purchase and a few are free. Each contains a 1-hour presentation that you watch and then you take a short multiple choice quiz about the presentation. When you are finished you will get a certificate of completion for 1 PD hour. There is no interaction with an instructor and no assignments to complete other than the short quiz.

Tips/Hacks for Teaching PE More Effectively

  • 10 PE Hacks To Bring Out Your Inner Super Teacher (Cost: $19, 1 PD Hour)
    Creator and Presenter: Charles Silberman
  • Description: Teaching physical education is a unique and special opportunity and an important responsibility. With so much to prepare, plan, organize and consider, there is often a feeling of not enough time to do it all well. While I cannot give you your time back, I can help save you some precious time and become a more effective, creative, and inspired physical educator through this webinar. In this pre-recorded webinar, you will learn 10 effective physical education hacks and gain advice from me - a seasoned veteran physical educator who has been through the ups and downs of a long and fruitful teaching career. I have taken hacks that work for me and combined them with some hacks others have taught me and sprinkled some words of wisdom along the way. So, if you are new, in the middle of your career, or nearing an end of a great career, this is for you!

Health and Fitness

  • Incorporating the Health-Related Components of Fitness in PE (Cost: $19, 1 PD Hour)
    Creator and Presenter: Pete Charrette
  • Description: This webinar will examine the 5 Health-Related components of fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and body composition) and look at some practical methods for implementing them in a physical education class. Each individual component will be defined and examples and suggestions for increasing students’ fitness levels will be addressed. Kid-friendly graphics, visuals and video of students “in action” is utilized to help you as a physical education teacher assist your students understand each of the 5 health-related components through developmentally appropriate discussion and activity.

Adapted Physical Education

  • Legislative Aspects of Adapted Physical Education (Cost: $19, 1 PD Hour)
    Creator and Presenter: Dr. Mike Kozub
  • Description: This webinar from PE Central will introduce participants to key legislation impacting adapted physical education policy development in program planning. Further, the importance of a properly constructed IEP for children with unique motor needs is highlighted in light of both IDEA and ADA compliance issues.

Directions for Enrolling

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STEP 4. Start your course at any time and finish at any time-there is no official start or end date

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Continuing Education Credits (CEU's)

We offer CEU credits (not to be confused with Graduate Credits as they are not!) for any of our courses that are 10 hours of PD or over. These are offered after you finish a course. Please contact us for details.