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PE Central offers quality online courses and webinars to Physical Education teachers around the world. These courses offer real take-aways that can be used to improve your teaching and the hours can be put towards licensure renewal. The shorter courses we offer are self-paced, so there is no formal start or end date for completing a course, thus, giving you the freedom to complete assignments on your schedule. Some of the PD Hour courses are instructor guided and some are designed without an instructor. Certificates of completion are emailed upon completion of each course. Most courses are priced as low as $19 (Webinar) and run up to $139. You can pay with a credit card or a Purchase Order from your school district.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for courses that award 10 hours or more of professional development. CEUs are purchasable for an additional fee through Adams State University, an accredited university in Colorado.

Graduate courses are offered with optional graduate credits (up to 3) available from our partner at Adams State University. These courses have a set start and end date, and you will earn a letter grade (A-F). You will have to pre-register for these courses and enrollment is limited. The majority of our graduate courses start at $429.

Please contact for questions on CEU or Graduate courses.

All of our instructors are passionate professionals like yourself with many of them being practicing teachers in schools and universities from all over the world. Not only will you gain knowledge from these courses that will help your teaching, you are also supporting our instructors, as they share in the revenue generated by your purchase.

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Directions for Enrolling

STEP 1. Enroll/Register in the PE Central Online School for FREE
STEP 2. Choose the course(s) you would like to take
STEP 3. Pay the course fee with your credit card (receipt will be emailed to you that you can use for reimbursement) or a school Purchase Order (PO)
STEP 4. Start your course at any time and finish at any time-there is no official start or end date

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Continuing Education Credits (CEU's)

We offer the opportunity to purchase CEU credits (not to be confused with Graduate Credits as they are not!) for a selection of courses that are 10 hours of PD or over. These are offered after you finish a course. Please contact us for details.