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Name of Activity:

P.E. Student of the Week

Purpose of Activity:

To motivate students to try their best for the teacher. Listening skills and cooperation are a must for accepting.


1) Pays attention, 2) Cooperates with other students, 3) Keeps personal space, 4) Is eager to learn and participate, and 5) Does what is asked of them.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Billboard space, construction paper (made into clipboards), sheet of paper explaining what is asked of them, bubble stickers (put on picture of student and include P.E. sayings, It's called Physical Education, not gym!), camera and film (Polaroid), Certificates (can get them at Office Max or create your own)

Description of Idea

At the end of every week, teacher should pick the student of the week from every grade (K-12). I usually pick one person because it makes the children work harder. But you can do one boy/girl. I give each "P.E. Student of the Week" a certificate with their name printed on it. I take a Polaroid picture of the student and place their picture onto the construction papered "clipboard." I then put a bubble sticker onto the picture and enter a PE saying into the bubble that matches their facial expression. The kids will always be asking, "Who is Student of the Week this week?"

You can just use the following criteria for the awards if you want:

Keeps personal space
Pays attention
Does what is asked of them
Cooperates with the other students
Is eager to learn and participate.


Can use one boy/girl from each class, but it tends to get hard on who to pick weekly. Using one boy/girl from each grade has proved that it's hard enough. Great to get relationships with students and is a good positive reinforcer for those who tend to "lean either way."

Submitted by Karen  Shay who teaches at TJ Connor Elementary School in Scottsville , NY . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/5/2000.
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P.E. Student of the Week

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