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Adapted Physical Education Information/Resources

Online Adapted PE Courses for PD Credit

* Using Visual Supports w/ Children with Autism (10 PD hours)

* Using Assessment to Make Decisions for Children w/ Suspected Disabilities (3 PD hours)

* See all of our courses at our Online School

Inclusive Physical Education and Physical Activity Video Library (from Active Schools)

* Highly Qualified Adapted Teacher
* PE requirements in IDEA
* Adapted Assessment Instruments

* US Dept. of Ed New Guidelines
* APE Referral Checklist
* Sample Assessment Checklist
* Inclusive PE Brochure

What is Adapted PE?
(A written explanation)

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
(Info about IDEA 2004)

Ask Our Adapted Expert
(Database of answers, submit questions)

Differentiating Instruction for Students with Disabilities
(Activities listed with suggested adaptations)

Assessment Instruments
(Motor skill assessment instruments)

IEP Development
(Individual Education Program tips)

Adapted PE Nat'l Standards
(APENS, Certification program for teachers)

Working with Paraeducators
(Info about working with paraeducators, Sample Job opening)

Adapted PE Research
(Articles about Adapted PE)

Top Adapted Web Sites
(Valuable Adapted PE Web sites)

University Adapted PE Programs
(List of programs at Universities)