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Thanks for your interest in sharing a PE App that you have found to be successful with your children either in your Health and/or Physical Education classroom. Our guidelines for publication are detailed next. Please pay attention to these carefully.

Publication/Review Criteria

The following are the guiding questions our board uses to review and evaluate a submitted application (e.g., app).

  1. Is this a new app that we have not published before? We encourage you to submit an app that is already published but the description of how it is used in the has to be completely different. (Search our App database)
  2. Is the submittion clearly written and described so other teachers can use in their classrooms? This is CRUCIAL!
  3. Will the description of the app meet the guidelines of developmentally appropriate physical education as developed by NASPE? In other words, if you are using an app to show another way to play dodgeball, chances are it will not be published.

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