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Name of Activity:

Baseball Class of the Week

Purpose of Activity:

To reinforce and encourage students/classes to behave according to the rules that were set up for PE class.


Students need to be familiar with your rules.

Suggested Grade Level:


Description of Idea

To start it is best to develop a point system for determining the Class of the Week. For example, I give 5 points per class per rule or theme area. An example would be participation. If everyone participates, the class would receive 5 points for that day in the area of participation. There are many other areas that you can choose. You can determine the point value too. At the end of the week, the class with the most points earns Class of the Week status.

Each class is represented on a baseball on the bulletin board. Every time they win "Class of the Week", they move up one base. Every time they score a run (which would be all four bases so they would have earned Class of the Week four times), they earn a reward of your choice. You will have to adjust this according to the age groups you are dealing with at the time. With younger children, Free Activity Choice Days are good. At the end of the year, determine which class has "scored" the most runs.

For the top class (or classes) reward them with something special. I have taken my students on skating trips, bowling trips, professional basketball trips, and professional baseball trips. The students' parents pay for the tickets at a discount. If there is a problem with students not being able to afford it, a local church donates the money needed for those who can't afford the trip. This means that everyone can enjoy the trip. You could probably get area businesses to help out as well.

Submitted by Deirdre B.  Cato who teaches at The Chesterfield County Alternative School in Chesterfield , SC . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/17/2000.
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Baseball Class of the Week

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