Student Assessment & Tracking

WELNETŪ is a student data measurement and tracking software from Focused Fitness that is designed to provide physical educators with a tool to gather student fitness data and then communicate results.

Important Features of Welnet

WELNETŪ Software

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WELNETŪ Software comes with 7 modules. The modules offer a variety of tracking and assessment tools, including measuring the five components of fitness, checking students' understanding of fitness and health concepts, tracking students' health-related habits and behaviors, supporting student goal setting and producing reports in each module to analyze trends, improve instruction and achieve program goals and outcomes.

Pricing: WELNETŪ has both a District Wide Solution (Request pricing through inquiry form) and a Single School Solution (starts at $499, with $129 Annual Renewal). To get additional information on the solution that would fit your needs, please fill out our inquiry form.


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  • Fitness
  • Assessments
  • Behavior Logs
  • Motor Skills
  • Surveys
  • Online Learning
  • Data Analysis

WELNETŪ Video Library

Includes: Videos in Key Health & Fitness Topics

  • Five Components of Fitness
  • FITT Principle
  • Training Principles
  • SMART Goals
  • Nutritiom
  • Motor Skill Demonstrations

Also Includes:

  • Brain & Body Boosts
  • Over 500 Video Exercises searchable by:
    • Type of Equipment
    • Muscles and Muscle Groups used
    • Component of Fitness
    • Sports Cateegory
    • Difficulty Level
    • Type of Equipment

Examples from Video Library