Physical Education Training and Professional Development for PE Teachers

For over 20 years PE Central has been the leading PE community for user-generated and editorially approved lesson plans, assessments and videos for PE teachers who want what works. PE Central\92s Professional Development Services has leveraged that platform and curates meaningful, relevant and quality PD created by educators for educators.

  • Over 50 online courses with hundreds of hours of quality instruction
  • Best PD resource + CEUs available for Physical Education Teachers
  • Offering Individual instruction, online groups or on-site workshops

Blogs and Articles
(Great blogs and articles for PE teachers)

Physical Education Hall of Shame
(Inappropriate activities and teaching practices)

Essential PE Guidelines/Documents
(Appropriate Practices, Position Papers, etc.)

Tools for Becoming a Better PE Teacher
(Observation forms used to improve your teaching)

Developing Your Teaching Portfolio
(Guidelines, criteria)

PE Articles
(Class Management, Assessment, etc.)

Defending Your PE Program
(See what others have done, articles, letters)

Becoming a PE Teacher
(Tips, suggestions, mainly for kids)

Online PE Degrees/Programs
(Online PE Courses, General info)

PE Journals/Newsletters
(Health and PE Journals)