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1/15/2020 4:28:21 PM Basketball Scramble! Instant Activity Dribbling 3-5
1/6/2020 3:43:16 PM Sweep the Floor (Broom Hockey) K-2 PE Lesson Ideas Striking with Implements K-2
1/6/2020 3:26:46 PM Daily Routines-Goal Setting in High School PE Unit Plan High School PE Lesson Ideas Class Management 9-12
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Kids Quote of the Week

During Day 2 of Tennis,a student was holding a Wimbledon racket on the ground. He said, "Do you know how we can stop people from judging each other? Look at the racket, the red stands for kids judged (W) and the white stands for those not judged. When you hold it on the ground, the shadow makes everyone equal."

Submitted by Sandra Ortiz who teaches at Eisenhower Middle School-Topeka in Topeka, KS.

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