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Lesson Ideas
Date Published Title Lesson Type Subcategory Grade
9/18/2018 4:28:04 PM Outerspace: Frontier for personal health & hygiene Health Lesson Ideas Nutrition K-5
9/18/2018 10:53:06 AM Fitness Challenge Monthly Calendars 3-5 PE Lesson Ideas Fitness 3-5
9/17/2018 4:33:26 PM The Toy Titan K-2 PE Lesson Ideas Locomotor Skills/Space Awareness K-2
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Bulletin Boards
Date Published Title Category Grade
9/18/2018 1:21:23 PM How do you get your 20 minutes (of exercise) a day Physical Activities All
9/15/2018 12:44:47 PM Ready to be Amazing Beginning of School K-2
9/12/2018 2:24:12 PM Adapted PE Adapted All
Bulletin Boards

Date Posted Position Title Grade Sub Category Location
9/14/2018 Integrated Movement Specialist All ages and abilities Other Physical Education Related Positions ROCKVILLE, MD
9/13/2018 Integrated Movement Specialist PreK - 5th Grade Other Physical Education Related Positions ROCKVILLE, MD
9/10/2018 Group Exercise Instructor   Other Physical Education Related Positions Atlanta, GA

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Kids Quote of the Week

We were discussing how rock,paper, scissors works and which partner would go first. A boy said." If a girl would be a partner, then they should go first." I commented," Your mom would be proud of you." He said, " She always is."

Submitted by Jenny Maciejewski who teaches at Hampton Elementary in Bay City, MI.

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