Student Assessment Examples in Physical Education

Some teachers have sent us examples of how they are incorporating assessment in their physical education programs. This page highlights some of their students completed work. Contact us at if you are interested in sharing some of your completed student work.

Favorite Physical Activity Drawings

Sportsmanship Assessments (K-5)

Action Poem Examples (K-5)

Hopping Assessment Examples (K-1)

"Sitting Out" Worksheet Kids Work Examples

Golf Worksheet Examples

Kids Running Assessment


Kids PE Portfolio

PE Check Up Worksheet Examples

Kids Fitness (K-5)

Kids Dancing Assessments

Kids Throwing In PE Drawings

Kids Kicking Assessments

Kids Pathway Assessment

Kids Levels Assessment

Kids Self Space Assessment

Peer Checklist Assessments (Throwing)

Basketball Worksheet Examples

Kids Soccer Assessment

Kids Hockey Assessment

All work is used by permission and is copyrighted by PE Central. To ensure anonymity, pseudonyms are used for all students.

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