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Name of Activity:


Purpose of Activity:

To cut down student misbehavior.


Students should be familiar with the following rules which are:
  • Walk into the gym and sit on your number and listen for instructions
  • Be kind and courteous to teammates and opponents
  • Use words to discuss any disputes.  If unsettled get the teacher involved
  • Stop any activity when you hear the signal.
  • Exit the gym from your number and be ready to resume classroom activity

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Rules posted in the gym

Description of Idea

One of the ways I have been successful in deterring student misbehavior is to list my rules and then to have consequences associated with them. The following is an explanation of my warning system and consequences.

A violation of any of the above rules in a class means that a student receives an "S", a warning.  A second violation receives an "I" and the third warrants a "T".  Put these together and the word SIT is spelled meaning it is time to sit out.  Upon earning the third warning, or the letter "T", the student will sit out of an activity a certain amount of time until they can verbalize to me how they will come back to activity ready to learn. 

The letters are erased and the student starts over the next period they are in class.  I have these rules typed and if constant rule breaking continues period after period, a note goes home with the rules listed.  The parents are asked to review with the student the rules, sign the sheet and they then can come back to class. 

Submitted by Kathleen  Leadley who teaches at Wilder Elementary School in Green Bay , WI . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/17/2000.
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