Supporting & Defending Your Physical Education Program

Physical Education is more important than ever! It is one of the tools that can be used to help fight the obesity crisis and, if done properly, it helps encourage children to be active for the rest of their lives. Listed below is information that may be helpful when defending or supporting your physical education programs. This has been gathered from school districts whose programs have been threatened, some publications are provided that support physical education, and sample letters are included that were written in support of physical education. Although this information is important it is best for teachers to be proactive in their efforts to inform people of the importance of their program.

Featured Videos, Reports & Articles to Help Defend PE

Physical Education Literacy Video
List of Articles showing how Exercise Helps Develop the Brain
Motor Skills Are So Important (Longitudinal Study)
Exercise Helps Overweight Children Think Better, Do Better in Math
CDC Report linking Health and Academics
Skilled Children Become Active Adolescents
See What Others Have Done to Prevent Cuts
Dear Abby Letters from Disgruntled Children in PE