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Reviewer Comments

Enter your name in the box below followed by a colon or a dash. Then type your comments about this app. If other names and comments are already there, do NOT type over those comments. Put your name and comments after the last reviewers comments. NOTE: If you accidentally type over a previous reviewer's name and/or comments use the "reset" button to restore this information before continuing.

Example of a reviewers comments:

Mark: I think this app holds promise. I would suggest the purpose statement be changed as it is too broad and doesn't match the description of the app. Otherwise this is a nice app and should be included on PE Central!

Jill: Not a great app. The description was not detailed enough and I question it's developmentally appropriateness. Thumbs down for me.

Reviewer Comments:

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From the sub:
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" & vbCrLf) rs.MoveNext loop rs.Close 'Close the connection to the database 'call closeAll() End Sub ' ' ' ' ' sub writepaging(curpg, pgcnt) dim niloc response.write "" if (cint(curpg) > 1) then response.write "First" response.write " | " response.write "Previous" else response.write "First | Previous" end if response.write " | Page " response.write "" response.write " of " & pgcnt & " | " if cint(curpg) < cint(pgcnt) then response.write "Next" response.write " | " response.write "Last" else response.write "Next | Last" end if response.write "" end sub %> Physical Education: Applications (Apps) for Health and physical education teachers on PE Central

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Deb Wuest, Managing Editor, PEC App Central
Dr. Deborah Wuest

Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY


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App Central for Physical Education Teachers

This section includes information to assist teachers in learning how Applications (Apps) can be used in health and physical education classes.

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