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Great App Web Sites for Health and PE Teachers

The following online resources/Web sites should help teachers gain a better understanding on how to use Apps in the health and physical education classroom.

Phys Ed Review App Reviews by Kevin Tiller: At this site Kevin Tiller features a number of apps he has used with his classes.

The PEGeek: Great blog site from Jarrod Robinson with websites and applications for physical education teachers.  You can review the archives to catch up on any of the interesting topics you may have missed.  Reviews applications for mobile devices and websites. This is their recommendation of the best apps for PE teachers.

App Advice: This Web site provides reviews of apps in many different categories, including health and fitness. You can also download the Apps for Free app to get a listing of apps that previously were for sale and now are for free for a limited time.

The Flipped Coach. A blog by a physical education teacher and coach, Jason Hahnstadt. It includes information about how to use different applications, including Coach's Eye, in physical education and coaching.

Using Technology in Physical Education – Bonnie’s Fitware  Bonnie Mohensen

Apps for PE Teachers at PE Software.com

Live Binder: Site for teachers who want to have portfolios for their classes or individual students

HPE Podspot: Great Pod Cast Web Site for PE Teachers: list compiled by Emerging Tech Ed.

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