App/Technology Articles for Health and Physical Education Teachers

The following articles should help Health and / or PE teachers get a better understanding of how a teacher might use apps in the physical education classroom.

Barer, H. (2009). Wikis in Physical Education

Wikis are valuable resources for teachers, who can use wikis to enable students to work collaboratively on projects and assignments. Students can also create their own wiki portfolio to highlight their work. Wikis have broad application to health and physical education.

Beagle, M. (2012). What are you “App” to Do?

An overview of the iPad and a list of sites for finding educational applications that may be appropriate for both physical education and health. There is a video of a future physical education teacher discussing the use of apps in physical education.

Cummiskey, M.& Leight, J. Social Media and Physical Education.

The use of social media in physical education is discussed, starting with defining social media, discussing the use of facebook, and addressing one of the key concerns: privacy. This article is also appropriate for health education.

Leight, J. M., & Nichols, R. (2011). Using iPads in Physical Education; There is an App for That!

Great overview of the iPad, its features, and favorite applications related to fitness, music, and productivity. Also provides good discussion of the uses of the iPads.

Sinelnikov, O. A. (2012). Using the iPad in a Sport Education Season. JOPERD, 83(1), 39-45.

This article highlights the use of the iPad during a sports education unit on volleyball.  Provides ideas on how the iPad can be used to reinforce development of game strategy, rules, and skill competency and how it can be used by students fulfilling the various team roles, such as coach, manager, and eqity sports board representative.

Tomczak, K. (2011). Using interactive media in dance education. Journal of Dance Education, 11(4), 137-139. 

This article presents some ideas about how to use iPods, Flip cameras, and iPads to enhance students’ learning of dance. Some of these ideas can be adapted to other physical activities.

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