St. Patrick's Day Resources on PE Central

The following are lesson ideas, bulletin boards and Best Practices that all have to do with the St. Patrick's Day. All of these can be found on the PE Central Web site.

Lesson Ideas

  1. St. Patrick's Day Circuit
    Purpose: For students to practice previously presented skills in a holiday-theme context. Grades 3-5
  2. Leprechaun's Gold
    Purpose: To improve cooperative skills, teamwork skills, and eye-hand coordination, using a variety of implements. Grades K-5
  3. Holiday Puzzle Relays
    Purpose: This activity is designed to help the students work on locomotor skills while participating in a holiday activity. Grades K-2
  4. Stealing from the Leprechauns
    Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to work on chasing, fleeing and dodging. Grades 3-5
  5. Irish Jig Tag
    Purpose: The purpose of the activity is to introduce students to Irish Dancing. Grades 1-3
  6. Leprechaun Treasure Hunt
    Purpose: To improve visual awareness by remembering which cones have been looked under and to integrate math with a physical activity. K-2
  7. Pot of Gold Hunter
    Purpose: Warm up tag game for St. Patrick's Day. K-2
  8. Catch the Leprechaun
    Purpose: To use a St. Patricks Day activity to get the class off to an active start. 2-5


Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Dance (March 2010) | Dance Video

Bulletin Boards

  1. Our Lucky Soccer Charms
  2. You Can't Rely on Luck to Get You Fit
  3. Find Your LUCK in the Fitness Pot of Gold
  4. It's Your Lucky Day - You Have P.E.
  5. What's at the End of Your Rainbow?
  6. We are So Lucky to have PE
  7. P.E. is More Precious than Gold
  8. Don't Trust Your Luck-Make Healthy Choices