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Name of Activity:

Holiday Puzzle Relays

Purpose of Activity:

This activity is designed to help the students work on locomotor skills while participating in a holiday activity.


Students should already have practiced locomotor skills including: skipping, hopping, galloping, walking, running, etc.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

puzzle pieces made from cardboard holiday boxes or wall decorations cut into puzzle shapes, containers for puzzle pieces, holiday music

Description of Idea

Have students line up in groups of 2-3 at one end of the playing area. Place the containers of puzzle pieces at the opposite end of the playing area with one container for each group of students. The puzzle pieces should be about 30-40 feet away from the students in line. Inform the students of how you would like them to travel to the puzzle pieces (walk, jog, skip, hop, gallop, crab walk, etc.) When the music starts they can begin. The first student of each group will go down and pick up a puzzle piece and bring it back to their group placing it behind their group. The next student in line will then go and pick up another puzzle piece, relay style. When all of the puzzle pieces have been picked up, the whole group may then begin to put the puzzle together. When a puzzle is completed, the group will together do 10 jumping jacks or another fitness activity to show they have completed the puzzle. When every group has put their puzzles together, the first person in each group will return all of the puzzle pieces back to the container. The first person in line will then become the last person in line. Before starting the next relay, the teacher will switch the puzzle containers around so each group has a different puzzle.

Assessment Ideas:

This is a good time to assess the students on their locomotor skills. You can have a rubric ready and observe them while they are traveling to the puzzle pieces.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Students with limited motor ability can be in charge of handing the puzzle pieces to the team.

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Holiday Puzzle Relays

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