Culminating Activities

Lesson Title: Culminating Peer Teaching Project

Professor: Natalie Doering, Ph.D., Murray State University in Kentucky


The thematic unit is a culminating peer teaching project. The Directions, Thematic Beginnings, Lesson Plan, LiveText Template, Rubric, and paper and pencil Assessment are posted to assist the student with the final product. The rubric describes explicitly what the professor is looking for when the preservice teacher teaches so the student can plan accordingly. The Symmetrical Lesson Plan(s) and Paper and Pencil Assessment is a sample thematic unit that serves to demonstrate how a thematic lesson works across subject areas focusing on the same topic - in this case symmetry in mathematics, physical education (gymnastics) and Humanities (dance). The main idea is not the symmetrical lesson but the process and the parts. The topic can be anything.

Thematic Beginnings
Lesson Plan
LiveText Template

Submitted by Natalie Doering, Ph.D., Murray State University in Kentucky Published on 5/25/2012.

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