Sample Adapted Physical Education
Paraeducator Job Description

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General job description:

Work with student(s) who requires more individualized attention during activities of the physical education lesson.

Job Description (Specific duties to be carried out by the paraeducator):

  1. Establish a positive and supportive relationship with the physical education teacher through regular meetings and communication.
  2. Work with individuals or groups of students under the direct supervision of the physical education teacher.
  3. Assist with activities of the daily lesson by:
    • Demonstrating or having another student correctly demonstrate the skill/activity under instruction.
    • Closely supervising student in teacher-planned activities, including physically standing an arm's reach away as needed.
    • Helping student stay on task for activities taught by physical education teacher through motivation, assistance, etc.
    • Using appropriate activity modifications of equipment, rules, etc. as approved by the physical education teacher.
    • Allowing student to perform skills/activities as independently as possible.
    • Facilitating positive, age-appropriate interaction between the student(s) and his/her peers.
  4. Implement approved behavior management program for student(s) in the gymnasium consistent with the plan used in the classroom.
  5. Assess student(s) skill/ activity performances as requested by the physical education teacher.
  6. Record progress of student(s) under the direction of the physical education teacher.
  7. Prepare and obtain instructional materials (equipment, written instructions, etc.) as needed for the lesson's activities in consultation with physical education teacher.
  8. Accompany student(s) during any community experiences.
  9. Assist the student(s) with toileting, dressing, and other self-care activities when needed.
  10. Uphold confidentiality guidelines pertaining to students, parents, and/or physical education activities. All parent communication must come from the certified physical education teacher.
  11. Other duties as assigned by the physical education teacher.

Posted: August 1, 2005

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