"Your site is an outstanding contribution to teachers and students everywhere! By the way, I'm featuring it in my keynote next month for the state technology conference in Arkansas".

Gil Dyrli, Technology Editor, Curriculum Administrator Magazine

"I commend you and your colleagues for creating and maintaining PE Central-truly a tremendous resource that supports health and physical education professionals in their important work.

Cari Ladd, Director of Online Education, PBS

"Clearly, the most exciting aspect of physical education on the Web was the launch of PE Central by George Graham and his students at Virginia Tech University in August 1996. This group has been a leader in physical education on the Web and this project has shown the ability of the group to combine their knowledge of physical education and computers to the benefit of many. PE Central has too numerous resources to report here but if you are looking for information about physical education on the Web you should start here".

Stephen Silverman, Professor, Article in Quest, 1997

Comments From Teachers and Other Visitors

"I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful site. I have only a fingertip of understanding of what it takes to do all that you do. Thank you so much. I think people in our field are the BEST when it comes to the real world of sharing our insights. There are no other sites that provide teachers with so much knowledge and information".

"Thank you so much for the work your crew puts into this page. I use it a lot and it has made a difference in my teaching! I appreciate the cue page that you have made. I had been using the cues of the week in the past! This has helped us tremendously. It gave us a "starting" place in our rubric development. I know the page just doesn't "pop out of cyberspace." Your work is not going unnoticed!"

"I have written before, but I just have to do it again to thank you all for this awesome site. My students are eating it up and it inspires them to be creative themselves. Thank you for the effort."

"Thank you for your web site it is great! I am a father of four kids and I coach several sports for kids of all ages from 6 to 12. The information contained on your web site is very helpful."

"This site is the best thing that has happened to PE in this century."

"I spent almost 3 hours tonight checking out all the updates on your web site. Thank you so much for supplying all this great information."

"I have really enjoyed your information. The style and content are both interesting and exciting! I will use this to improve my children's health and the children I am able to influence. I want to implement some of the ideas in a neighborhood kids camp that I am organizing this summer."

"I just wanted to write and thank you for all the information on this site. I began my first year teaching in January (PreK-6). I have found the information very helpful and the site gives me a bit of moral support."

"You do a great job at P.E. Central and it means a lot to me when my ideas are accepted because I know that you are serious about publishing appropriate activities. I believe my lessons have become stronger because of your comments on several of my rejected ideas. It's nice to know that you do not publish just any old thing. Keep up the great work."

"I really enjoy your web site. The information is wonderful and very helpful in making me a more confident physical education teacher."

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