Instructional Resources

The following are sites on the Web that provide important and valuable insights about teaching physical education. Many also contain information about a product or resource that could be beneficial to a teacher or a health and physical education program.


Alberta Learning: PE Online

The aim of the Alberta Learning Kindergarten to Grade 12 Physical Education Program is to enable individuals to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Assessing Learning in Physical Education: Motor Skills Video

    This professional video, filmed in the Washington state public schools, demonstrates the importance of assessment in physical education and illustrates different types of skill assessment. This award winning video (first place in AAHPERD's 1996 National Video Contest) is available from Central Washington University.

Be Active North Carolina

At this attractive site you can learn how this organization is encouraging North Carolinians to create the policies, opportunities, facilities, and motivation to promote physical activity -- and good health. In addition, you can participate in the Be Active Steps Program which allows you to log the amount of steps you take (with a pedometer) on a daily basis and you can have kids take some fun quizzes.

Be Smart, Be Well's childhood obesity portal aims to help the 25 million American kids who face serious health risks such as heart disease and diabetes. The site features compelling stories about “real people”, along with health, fitness and nutrition experts in our videos, plus helpful articles and links to trusted resources. As a result, kids and their families are better able to understand the problem and make healthy, lasting changes to their eating and exercise habits. Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC), the largest customer-owned health insurer, with the participation of some of the nation’s most reputable health organizations, produces the site. The stories and resources on the site are intended to serve as a non-commercial resource for the public seeking information about various health subjects.

Child Development Tracker

The PBS Parents Child Development Tracker allows parents to track a child’s cognitive, physical and social/emotional development from ages 1 through 8. For each age and area of development the tool also provides a list of recommended books and educational activities designed to build skills and nurture development.

The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research

    At this site, visitors can learn what the Cooper Institute is, order various books (many by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, M.D.) and other health related fitness materials, ask questions via e-mail, and more importantly physical educators can get information about the FitnesGram health related fitness test. The test is explained and you can order the materials directly from the site. The Fitnessgram Technical Reference Manual is now available at their web site. This version includes a variety of information in addition to the technical issues on the validity and reliability of the assessments and development of the standards.

Dating Matters

In 2009, nearly one in ten high school students reported being hit or physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend at least once in the past 12 months. To address this critical issue and to begin to teach teens about safe and respectful relationships early – before they begin to date – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in partnership with Liz Claiborne Inc. has launched Dating Matters: Understanding Teen Dating Violence Prevention, a free 60-minute, web-based module. The CDC is offering continuing education credit for those who complete the module.

We’re asking for your help in spreading the message about teen dating violence. We hope you will both complete the Dating Matters module and share it with your colleagues, friends, and family to help them understand the risk factors and warning signs associated with teen dating violence.

We have created six free, interactive, and customized tools so that you can more easily share Dating Matters with your readers and followers. Thank you for your help in addressing this important issue.

EdiPHy:Education in the Physical

More than just a listing of activities, this site also offers resources that can help you to be a better teacher, student or
supporter of PE in your school. It also provides a way for you to connect with other educators to share stories, best practices and solutions. Just go to the Links area to join a conversation. So that's what this site is all about...helping us all to make the very most out of the opportunities we have to educate in the physical, to EDiPHY our kids!

Exercise US

    A program where children in the United States will exercise for 10 hours continuously, starting on the east coast, and ending on the west coast. Visit the web site for more information. From the creator of Project ACES and PACES Day.

Exploratorium: Sport Science

Learn how different sports really work from the scientific point of view. Included are baseball, surfing, skateboarding, etc. Lots of really cool stuff located at the Exploratorium View PE Central's Full Review of this Site.

Fun in the Sun

  • Fun in the Sun 101 is a robust sun protection curriculum for use with tweens
  • A printed curriculum kit went to every junior high and middle school in the country
  • Health teachers were the primary addressee ( if there was no health teacher listed for a school, a PE teacher was the default)
  • The website with a flash section for kids and an html section with additional teacher resources
  • Teachers who did not receive the print materials can order them for free at the website is the first video-based website that focuses on daily physical activity for kids. The site offers a new and different workout video each day performed for kids, by kids. It's all free and kids stay motivated because they earn points for exercise which can be redeemed for valuable prizes. Thanks to innovative back-end technology, teachers can use GetSweaty in group situations (class, recess, afterschool) and with a push of a button, assign the appropriate points to the entire class. They simply turn on the computer, play the daily workout and monitor the activity of all kids in or out of the classroom through their own management tool. There is no extra planning or work needed. And teachers are also incentivized for usage through our Cash for Class program. Parents will find valuable information on, too, including tips, news and information to help them foster a healthy lifestyle at home.

GoGirlGo Project

The GoGirlGo Project is a unique education program that utilizes four GoGirl characters and champion athletes to educate girls about health risk behaviors and life lessons such as body image, bullying, diversity, smoking, drugs and stress. This FREE program also features true-life stories from champion athletes like Brandi Chastain, Lisa Fernandez, Mary Riddell, Jennifer Rodriguez and Teresa Weatherspoon. All materials are FREE and come in GoGirlGo kits (quantities of 12 or 25), containing a GoGirlsTM Guide to Life, a GoGirl Journal, instruction guides for group and peer leaders all in a GoGirl carrying case. To get a GoGirlGo kit please call (800) 227-3988.

Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives

Sponsored by the Nestle Family, The Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives program was developed as a resource for educators to help support your ongoing efforts to teach students about being healthy. Parents, after-school programs, and caregivers can also use the materials in the program.

HeartPower! Online

HeartPower! Online is the American Heart Association's curriculum-based program for teaching about the heart and how to keep it healthy for a lifetime. Nutrition, physical activity, living tobacco-free, and knowing how the heart works all are vital in maintaining a healthy heart.

The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children

What will inspire busy teachers to participate in the Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children? Continuing Education! 150 Professional Development Hours @ $1.52 per credit. A price that teachers can NOW afford!
Where? Online Registration through Rio Salado College by registering on:
How? Through web based lessons
When? On demand - At your convenience
What? A unique comprehensive cardiovascular disease and obesity prevention program, targeting children from Kindergarten - 6th grade, their teachers and parents.
* 6-Modules, 6 Weeks, 29-Lessons
* Module Topics Use Heart Health as a framework to teach Nutrition, Physical Fitness and Exercise, Dental Health, Mind-Body Fitness, Stress Management and much more
* Integrates: Providing curriculum that will allow the elementary classroom teacher to integrate healthy heart habits across core content areas integrating: Math* Science* Social Studies* Language Arts* Poetry* Music* Dance* Health* P.E
* Hip Hop Rhymes: 28 rhymes summarize the materials in each lesson and makes learning FUN!
* Materials Include: Comprehensive Teacher Training and Lesson Plans o Handouts o Answer Sheets o In-Class, At-Home and On-Line Activities
* It Creates a Circle of Wellness for a Lifetime by integrating health education into existing curriculum flowing from teacher, to student, to family and back into the classroom.
* Sign up NOW!

International Walk Our Children to School Day

Walk Our Children to School Day is a day when school children from across the world walk to school together rather than taking the bus or getting a ride in the car to school (last year over 300,000 kids walked!) It promotes physical fitness, as well as pedestrian safety.

Great, great site! Lots of information, inspiration, and running fun. Find ideas to use in your clubs, classrooms, as well as for your personal running. Check out Carol's SNACK FACTS in a SACK (Lunch Box)

Namaste Charter School

This is a completely free online resource that provides educators with the tools and techniques needed to battle against childhood obesity. The site gives teachers and parents the tools they need to address the pressing issue. One school in Chicago has really gotten it right. Namaste Charter School developed an entire school around the idea that nutrition and physical fitness can lead to academic excellence. The school instituted some innovative programs and experienced tremendous results. The school has been recognized nationally by health professionals, educators and national media (featured in People Magazine and the Today Show, to name a few), commending the school on its innovative program. Namaste Shares! provides educators in grades K-2 with curriculum ideas, tools and techniques to integrate physical activity and nutrition education into the school day. It also allows you to share the ideas that are working (or not working) in your schools. The first two curriculum maps - Physical Education and Peaceful People, a conflict resolution program, are now online, and we're adding more in the coming months. There's also a teacher forum for teachers to share their own ideas.

National Association for Health and Fitness

The National Association for Health and Fitness, the Network of State and Governor's Councils, is proud to introduce "GET AMERICA ON ITS FEET!" - a national initiative that will provide support to states and local communities in the areas of obesity prevention, worksite wellness, and independent living for active, older adults. In addition, you can learn about programs like Everybody Matters and Lets get Physical 2001. There is a Physical Activity Calculator that is cool too!


PE2020: Focus On the Future of Physical Education and Challenge Your Students. NASPE’s new PE2020 asks the question : What should physical education look like in the year 2020 and beyond? PE2020 is a multi-faceted, two-year initiative that begins with essay contributions (500 words or less) that will be posted to our online forum. NASPE wants to hear from all individuals and plans to combine these views and ideas into a shared vision for the profession. The results from PE2020 will be a call-to-action for NASPE and the profession. Your participation is important and we invite you, your colleagues, and your students to take this opportunity to participate in shaping the future of physical education. To encourage participation, NASPE is also giving away classroom and monthly prizes. There is no limit to the number of essays you submit. The more you enter the more chances to win!

PE Central's Kids Quiz

The Kids Quiz is a daily online quiz which challenges kids under the age of 18 and tests their knowledge about nutrition, fitness, health, physical education, sports, and a host of other topics and trivia. Features include answering a question each day with the chance for both the students and the teacher at the school to win weekly prizes in a drawing. Come register now teachers so your kids can enjoy this fun and educational program.

PE Central's LOG IT Program

Log It invites students, teachers, schools, classes, and parents to record their physical activity steps, miles, or kilometers online! Features include a virtual hike across the United States; feedback about daily goals; compare your progress to others; and you can view your weekly and monthly progress. Teachers must register their school and class first and then they can offer it to their students.

Peaceful Playgrounds

    The purpose of the Peaceful Playground Program is to introduce children and school staff to the many choices of activities available on playgrounds and field areas. Peaceful Playgrounds has blueprints, stencils , rule books, and training materials so that children have plenty to do on an elementary school playground.

Pedal Pioneers: A Guide to Bicycle Travel with Kids

    The Adventure Cycling Association, America's largest bicycle touring organization, is thrilled to unveil Pedal Pioneers: A Guide to Bicycle Travel with Kids, a first-of-its kind, A-Z guide on how to organize overnight youth bike trips for fitness, fun, and self-discovery. This 88 page guide was created with the help of over fifty bicycle experts from around the country. In five step-by-step sections and an exhaustive resource directory, Pedal Pioneers walks leaders through each stage of organizing a bicycle trip for kids. The Guide comes packaged in a user-friendly binder with a sample magazine, stickers, safety information, a discounted membership coupon, and more. It is $10.05 for Adventure Cycling members and $15.05 for non-members.

PE from A to Z

This is the first online dictionary for physical education students. It is hosted by the Great Activities web site and is in a wiki format. Just follow a link from the main page, type in a term and go, or jump from link to link. Dr. Neil Williams is the author.

The PE Geek

My name is Jarrod Robinson and I am a Physical Education Teacher from country Victoria, Australia. As i am also Information Technology trained I delight in aiming to engage students in my classes using web 2.0 tools. The purpose of my blog is to detail the different ways I am trialling these technologies in my classes.

The President's Challenge

The President's Challenge Physical Activity and Fitness Awards Program (The President's Challenge), a program of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, is designed to motivate all Americans to become and stay physically active on a regular basis. Well known for the physical fitness test, the President's Challenge recently expanded its Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) and initiated a new Presidential Champions program. The PALA recognizes children (ages 6-18) for being active at least 60 minutes per day five days/week and adults/seniors for being active at least 30 minutes per day five days/week for a period of six weeks. The Presidential Champions program is for those individuals who are already active and looking for more of a challenge as they work towards earning presidential recognition. Aside from providing an on-line activity log and other information for the general public, educators and youth leaders can download information on how to implement and use these programs directly from the website.

Project ACES

ACES is an acronym for All Children Exercise Simultaneously. Project ACES takes place on the first Wednesday in May as part of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month along with National Physical Education Week. It has been labeled as "the world's largest exercise class" by the media. Since 1989, millions of children from all over the world exercise together to promote proper health and fitness habits. Come join us!

Project Fit America

    Project Fit America (PFA) is a national non-profit public charity dedicated to getting kids fit. PFA donates to schools, grades K-12, fully funded cardiovascular health and lifetime fitness education programs. Formed in 1990 as a (501) (c) (3) corporation, PFA donates 75 cents of each dollar received to schools for the sole purpose of developing exemplary model schools for cardiovascular health and fitness. You can learn about this program and its successes at this site.

Project PACES

For two decades, Len Saunders and his Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) program have motivated millions of children around the world to exercise. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Saunders is now introducing PACES Day (Parents And Children Exercise Simultaneously). PACES is about taking a break each Saturday to exercise as a family. PACES, which asks parents to exercise with their children for 15-45 minutes each Saturday, will begin on February 3rd. The program will be highlighted by the first annual national PACES DAY on Saturday, May 10, 2008, with hundreds of thousands of kids and their parents exercising together for a better life. To learn more about PACES Day, read family exercise suggestions, and to download free fitness material, visit the PACES Day website. Anyone can sign their family up on the PACES Day website to be recognized with other families around the world. This also serves as a motivational tool as the children enjoy seeing their family name on the web site.

Saucony Run for Good

Cool running program from the sneaker company.

The School Health Index (SHI)

The School Health Index (SHI) is a recent publication of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It consists of eight modules inviting your school to conduct a self-assessment of eight aspects of the comprehensive school health program. Module 3 is physical education. One of the suggestions it makes, among others, is that to "meet the standard" there be at least 150 minutes of physical education per week in elementary schools and at least 225 minutes of physical education per week in middle and high schools. The SHI includes a scorecard and rubrics that allows you to self-assess your program to determine where it needs improvement. The SHI is available for free by doing any of the following:

  • From their Web site:
  • Request by e-mail:
  • Call the Division of Adolescent and School Health Resource Room: 770-488-3168
  • Request by toll free fax: 888-282-7681

Shaping America's Youth

Shaping America's Youth(r), is an initiative of Shaping America's Health: Association for Weight Management and Obesity Prevention, a program of the American Diabetes Association. SAY(r) was initially launched in November 2003 in coordination with the office of the Surgeon General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Academic Network, and the Nutrition Department of the University of California at Davis. SAY exists to unite the efforts of the many groups and programs across the US that are working to improve childhood physical activity and nutrition. By centralizing information on community programs and acquiring grassroots input, SAY is identifying effective approaches for promoting exercise and healthy eating in childhood, and the best ways of putting those approaches into action.

Smart Spot Program
The Smart Spot Web site features information on smart eating and physical activity for adults and children. Also included is a list of Smart Spot products that meet nutrition criteria based on authoritative statements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Academy of Sciences. The Tools for Professionals section includes a variety of reproducible handouts for consumers, such as how to read a food label, monitor serving sizes and choose and use a step counter. Also featured is a Physical Activity Assessment Tool for people over 15 years of age. The Smart Spot program is sponsored by PepsiCo.

SPARK Physical Education

    SPARK (Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids) is an elementary physical education program that began as a National Institute of Health research grant. The research had many goals and objectives, however, a primary one was to create, implement, and evaluate a curicula and staff development program that could be implemented in "real world" settings by both classroom teachers and physical education specialist. SPARK is now a non-profit organization of San Diego State University dedicated to improving physical education for children and teachers everywhere.

This is the new updated CASPER website that has content (including videos and downloadables) for teachers, parents, administrators, and PETE programs. Topics include: importance of quality physical education, how to evaluate a program, effective teaching strategies, icebreaker and teambuilding activities, instructional dance, web resources, fitness, teaching tools, and more. Our goal is to advocate for quality physical education and to provide resources to help achieve this goal. Our efforts are based on National Association for Sport and Physical Education standards; the guidelines for physical education published by the American Heart Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics; and the extensive body of research on effective teaching in physical education and exercise‚s effect on the mind and body.

The United States Tennis Associations (USTA) Schools Program

Sponsored by the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the national governing body for tennis, USA School Tennis reaches out to schools like yours and provides the necessary tools and assistance to get your students playing a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime.

    By participating in the USA School Tennis program, your school may receive the following free:

    • Teacher training workshops
    • User-friendly tennis curriculum guide
    • Assistance in obtaining tennis equipment, racquet and balls
    • Opportunity to host school tennis assemblies
    • Help in transforming gyms and playgrounds into tennis facilities
    • Access to the USTA's network of tennis professionals and resources

    USA School Tennis is the first step to introduce kids in your school system to tennis. Next, they should be encouraged to participate in USA Team Tennis after school, on weekends or during the summer. By the time they are ready to try-out for interscholastic tennis, they will be skilled and savvy competitors and you'll have a tennis dynasty on your hands! To learn more about the USA School Tennis program or to get one started, please contact your section representative. (Insert section, phone numbers) or call the national office at 623-374-4905 or visit our Web site, community tennis, USA School Tennis.

US Anti-Doping Agency

FREE Interactive Curriculums for Middle and High School Students

  • Do you believe that sports can help shape a person's life outside of the athletic arena?
  • Do you worry about proper nutritional habits for your students and the increased interest in energy shots, protein powders/pills and other "dietary supplement" products?
  • Are you concerned about the values, attitudes and behaviors of today's middle and high school students?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, these programs are for you!

USADA’s resources give you access to extensive, interactive curriculums and websites that are designed to help you empower your students and athletes with tools for smart-decision making and healthy living. The 100% Me and That’s Dope curriculum programs include a facilitator’s guide and student workbooks and incorporate topics such as The Truth about Dietary Supplements, Goal-Setting, Decision-Making, Nutrition,  and Improving your Athletic Performance Naturally.

Whether in the classroom or on the playing field, every young person deserves the opportunity to participate on a level playing field without feeling like they have to cheat and without having to risk their health in order to be successful. It is imperative that coaches, teachers, and administrators work together to impart the core principles and the life-lessons that sports can teach. These curriculum resources will arm you with the tools you need to empower your students to make ethical choices and build character for life.
To learn more about USADA or to download or request copies of the curriculums visit:

Gerry Cernicky's PE Resources

Games, activities, podcasts, links and sharing ideas for grades(K-8th).