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Name of Activity:

Passport to the World Field Day

Purpose of Activity:

Physically active educational activities representing the diverse cultures of a multitude of countries enabling students to find a connection with their ancestry orgin. The students will not only learn fun facts about the country, they also learn how the country is governed.

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Description of Idea

This is a new twist on the already published Passport to American Field Day idea already published on PE Central.

This field day focuses on the World and is called Passport to the World Field Day. The students will be visiting different countries where they will be engaged in physically active educational activities representing the diverse cultures of a multitude of countries enabling students to find a connection with their ancestral origin. The students not only will be learning fun facts about the country, they also will be learning how the country is governed. Each class will have their own World Passport, which will be stamped with a star sticker at each country station they are visiting from the “station leader” e.g. President, Chancellor, Prime Minister.

Each station will have a “President/Prime Minister” manager who will explain and run the station. The manager will have a clipboard, which will hold the stamps and the directions to run that Country’s station. When the class has finished the station, the manager will “stamp” their World Passport with a star sticker. The stations will be 10 minutes long. Most of the activities are cooperative in nature so the students should use teamwork.


Description of Stations

World Station Map

C Field Day Station Lunch Schedule

D Lunch Clothes Sunscreen Letter Home

World Passport Checkoff

Field Day 2010 Parent Sign Up Sheet

Limited Outside Indoor World Field Day (wet fields outside)

Torch Ceremony

Station Signs, etc.

France Pastry Pile Up

France Fashion Frenzy


Bahamas Frisbee Throw

Blackwold Passport Picture for Passport

England Soccer Shoot Out


Greece Torch Relay

Iceland Icicle Pops

Ireland Potato Sack Race

Italy Pasta Pull

Japan 2nd Choice for Parachute

Kenya First Choice for Parachute

Mexico First Choice Sponge Relay

Middle Eastern Camel Watering Hole

New Zealand 2nd Choice for Sponge Relay

Salute To Our Troops

Switzerland Boulder Throw

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Submitted by Linda Thompson who teaches at Potowmack Elementary in Leesburg, VA. Additional authors for this idea were Joel Caruso. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/7/2010.

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Previous Comments:

C. Keenan

Sounds like a fantastic field day!
Can't wait to bring this great idea to my students and their familes!

C. Orsillo

I cannot wait to see how this works out in our May 2011 Field Day.
I am so excited to get the kids and parents involved in this one.
THANK YOU! (Why didn't i think of this?!:))

M. Contreras

This is a great idea. I'm planning on using this for my schools field day next week! Awesome idea.