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Name of Activity:

Passport to America

Purpose of Activity:

To learn about different states while enjoying a number of cooperative activity stations.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Equipment is see on the description of each of the 14 stations.

Description of Idea

Welcome to the Lowes Island Passport to America Field Day. The students will be visiting different state stations performing skills that pertain to a fun fact about that state. Students will be physically active, and learn important facts about the USA. Each class will have their own state passport which will be stamped at each state station.

Each station will have a governor who will explain and run the station. The governor will have a clip board which will hold the “stamps” and the directions to run that state station. When the class is finished with the station, the manager will stamp their state passport.

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Submitted by Linda Thompson who teaches at Potowmack Elementary in Leesburg, VA. Additional authors for this idea were Robin Peterson. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/26/2003.
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Passport to America

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this is awesome

Patty Johnson The Westminster Schools

This idea was very well received with our students. We also integrated this with learning state capitals. At some point during the station event, the students were asked the capital. For instance, at PA a noodle hockey game was played. If a point was scored, the team had 5 seconds to name the capital of a state that was named for five points. If not answered the other team had five seconds to answer and would win the 5 extra points. Days before the field day, during a wait time in class, students were able to play "Stack the States" on the Ipad--stacking two states before returning to the activity.

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