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Name of Activity:

Soccer Skill Assessment

Purpose of Activity:

To assess soccer skills.


First, you must have instructed proper technique for both kicking and passing a soccer ball. This can be done in station work or in cooperative learning groups. With passing, inform students to use the inside of their foot to pass the ball, and make sure that they plant their opposite foot before kicking. For kicking, be sure that students use their instep to kick the ball at marked off spots on the wall. This can be done with floor tape, making squares within squares on the gym wall mats. Students will work to aim for the center square.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

2 soccer balls, roll of floor tape, clipboard, paper, and a pen.

Description of Idea

Directly following a skill instruction lesson use these skill tests to assess student progress. We suggest using this assessment to see how your kids are progressing and for the teachers use only. Do not put pressure on the kids to perform these perfectly and tell them you are doing this just to see what we have to work on in the future. View diagram below for suggested set up of assessment.

First, tape out eight connecting passing lanes on the floor. At the end of the middle two lanes, place a 10 on the floor at the exit of each lane. Place a 7 on each lane outside of the 10 lane. Place a 5 on the two lanes outside of the 7 lanes, and a 2 on the outside of each 5 lane. Should look as follows: 2 5 7 10 10 7 5 2 (see diagram).

On the opposite end of the lanes place an "X" in the direct center. Students will start with the ball on the "X" and pass it to you on the other side. Whichever lane the ball emerges from, the students will receive that point value. Students get 3 chances to score a 10, with only the highest score counting. Can also average the three scores and give the stduent that point value out of ten. For kicking assessment, recreate the squares within squares on the wall mats with floor tape. Make the inside (smallest) square worth 10 points, the square outside that worth 7, outside that worth 5, and outside that worth 2. Again, students get three chances to score 10 points, or average the three scores and base it out of ten. Record information for each student individually.

View Suggested Set Up of this Skills Assessment

Teaching Suggestions:

Please tell kids to do the best they can and that this is not a test. You are just trying to see how they are doing so you know how much to practice in the future.

Submitted by Michael Demster who teaches at Sugar Creek Charter School in Charlotte, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/22/2006.
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Soccer Skill Assessment

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