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Robot Tag


Experience with tag games, chasing, fleeing and dodging safely.

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Pick 2 students to be the "evil toy makers". They are it. Pick 2 students to be the "good fairies". These two are the ones who rescue the rest. On the signal, the rest of the students will move around in the designated area. They need to avoid the evil toy makers, if they are touched, they have to start walking like robots. The only way that they are changed back into regular moving boys and girls is if the good fairies touch them gently. Switch the toy makers and the good fairies so that all kids get a chance to be one of the two.

Submitted by Sandy Clark in manti, UT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/8/2005.
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Robot Tag

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THANKS for an excellent idea, I will use pennies to let the players know who the taggers are. Possibly use noodles for tagging?

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