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Name of Activity:

Throwing Underhand and Overhand Peer Assessment

Purpose of Activity:

To give students the opportunity to enhance their basic computer skills and to have them work with a peer to assess each others throwing skills.


Students need to have some computer/internet skills.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Computers, Printers, Pencils, A Variety of balls! It would be helpful to have two teaches but the lesson is easily adapted for one teacher. Assessment Worksheet (PDF)
(Download Adobe Acrobat Now!)

Time Needed to Complete:

Depending on the length of your class it may take 1 or 2 full classes.

Description of Idea

Students log on to a computer next to their partners computer. Each student answers the questions of their name, their partners name, and whether their partner would rather throw underhand or overhand. Depending on their partners choice they click on the appropriate color circle. The circle is a hyperlink that links them to the teaching cues page on PE CENTRAL for that skill. The student will then copy the cues by highlighting them and pasting them into their document. Each student then prints page two. They take their printed cue sheet to the gym where they watch their partner throw with the ball of heir choice. Their partners assess the skill by putting a smile face next to each cue they see their partner demonstrate successfully. After five throws the other partner has their turn. Then both students return to their computer to finish the rest of the questions. They need to type two things their partner did well and two things their partner could do better. The assignment ends by the student giving themselves a grade for their efforts and ability to work with others. The assignment can then be printed and handed in to the teacher.

Peer Assessment Worksheet
(You will need Acrobat Reader to see this worksheet. Download Now!)

Important Link:

PE Central Teaching Cues Page

Scoring Rubric:

INTERACTIVE WORKSHEET - Unsatisfactory: Student made little effort to complete the assignment. Student did not work well with their partner. PEER ASSESSMENT - Unsatisfactory: Student made no effort to assess their partner. Student did not demonstrate the ability to throw for their parnter.

INTERACTIVE WORKSHEET - Needs Improvement: Student completed worksheet but let parts out or did not follow all the directions. Student worked with partner with some problems PEER ASSESSMENT - Needs Improvement: Student assessed their partner with some mistakes or dishonesty. Student demonstrated the ability to throw for their partner with many mistakes.

INTERACTIVE WORKSHEET - Satisfactory: Student completed the worksheet with few errors. Student worked withtheir partenr with very few problems. PEER ASSESSMENT - Satisfactory: Student assessed their partner honestly and with few mistakes. Student demonstrated the ability to throw with their partner with few mistakes.

INTERACTIVE WORKSHEET - Outstanding: The student completed their worksheet with no mistakes. The student worked well with their partner. PEER ASSESSMENT - Outstanding: The student assessed their partner honestly. The student threw for their partner with correct for for all 5 throws.

Submitted by Marianne Noelte who teaches at Delmar Elementary School in Delmar, MD. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/24/2004.
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Throwing Underhand and Overhand Peer Assessment

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