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Name of Activity:

Long Jump Roping Skills

Purpose of Activity:

To show students at the beginning of the unit what skills they will be learning and at what competency they need to perform to reach their desired performance assessment level.

Materials Needed:

Long jump rope for each 3-4 students.

Time Needed to Complete:

5-10 minutes.

Description of Idea

Students are to work as a group following instruction and practice to create a long rope routine which will be performed for the class.

The rubric is used to assess the students' performance of a group long rope routine. The introductory activities include long rope games, small group practice and demonstration as well as the use of multimedia. They are to put together a routine which includes the 5 areas on the rubric. The scoring criteria (1-4) matches with the scoring criteria for the district report card.

  • 4 is advanced

  • 3 is proficient

  • 2 is progressing

  • 1 needs more time and support

The students may or may not choose to do the routine to music. Many students come in at lunch to practice this and they like the rubrics because they know exactly what they have to do to get the score they want.

The scoring rubric is below presented to you in HTML format or in PDF:

Submitted by Allen Russell who teaches at Columbine Elementary School in Grand Junction, CO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/27/2005.
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Long Jump Roping Skills

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