Assessment Rubric

Long Rope Routine


Group Member Names: ___________________________________________________



Required Jump Rope Elements


Turner Involvement





Turner Jumper Exchange




Change of Speed




Scoring Rubric




Includes all required elements from each group member; shows creativity in skill or composition; skills flow from one to the next; turners make adjustments to minimize errors; errors do not distract from the flow of the routine


All required elements are present; group works as a team to ensure successful execution; skills show some creativity;

evidence of planning and practice


All required elements are present; shows evidence of planning and practice


Missing one or more of the required elements; little or no evidence of planning and practice


        Turner Involvement the turners demonstrate footwork or dynamic interaction with the rope

        Inversion/Displacement the jumpers and or turners change levels or demonstrate some type of inversion such as frog kicks, push-ups etc.

        Turner Jumper Exchange the turners and the jumpers change places

        Footwork the jumpers and/or turners use some type of variation of step during the routine

        Change of speed the speed with which the rope(s) is turned and the speed of the jump is varied