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Pedometer Knowledge Quiz

Purpose of Activity:

To assess students knowledge of pedometer use.

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Pedometer Assessment Quiz

1. What does a pedometer measure?

2. Where on your waist does your pedometer belong?

3. How many steps should you try to get in during one full day? _____________

4. How far is that in miles (referring to Qu. 3)? _____________

5. How far is 2,000 steps in terms of miles?_____________

Submitted by Angie Wutke who teaches at Killearn Lakes Elementary in Tallahassee, FL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/26/2005.
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Pedometer Knowledge Quiz

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Which came first, the pbrolem or the solution? Luckily it doesn't matter.


Thrusday 19, 2009
How wodnderful using pedometer for walking. Using pedometer during activities increase phiscial activities and reduce body massive index ( BMI ) and blood pressure.

caitlin pryce

this is a really good idea to inform eople about fittness

Betty Novotney, PE 3-6 Grade

Excellent summary questions for Pedometer use. I used it during Pedometer Week ( short week - 3 day use). It was a team project in competition w/ other classes as to # of steps traveled and finding a destination that they were able to travel to with the steps/distance achieved.

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