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Name of Activity:

Rings of Fire Dribbling

Purpose of Activity:

To practice protecting a ball while dribbling.

Activity cues:

Hand Dribbling Cues


Students should be able to dribble while moving without looking at the ball. Students should have been taught and practiced various ways to protect the ball.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Balls to dribble for half the class, poly spots for half the class.

Description of Idea

Spread poly spots in open spaces with a student standing on each one. The other half of the class has a ball and attempts to dribble around the poly spots without bumping into each other or a person on the poly spot.

To become comfortable with the space, start by having students dribble for a set amount of time around the people on poly spots, then switch with a person on a poly spot. After the students are comfortable tell them that the poly spots are on fire which means that the students on them may use their hands to try to touch the dribblers ball. Not the dribbler. Students on the poly spots must keep both feet on the spot.

Continue the activity, but change the focus from getting around the people safely to actively protecting the ball from the people on the poly spots. Students can do this by changing hands or using their bodies to shield the ball. As students comfort and skill levels increase, ask the dribblers to travel at faster speeds or bring the poly spots closer together.


Allow highly skilled dribblers to work in a seperate area. Here the dribbler and the other person move freely and attempt to protect and steal in a more dynamic environment.

This idea can be use with the skill of foot dribbling.

Assessment Ideas:

Can students dribble without looking at the ball?
Are the students using a variety of ways to protect the ball?

Submitted by Joshua Guthrie who teaches at A.R. Lewis Elementary in Pickens, SC. Additional authors for this idea were Donna Julian. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/10/2001.
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Rings of Fire Dribbling

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Dustin R.

In November we started our basketball unit. The lesson did a great job in incorporating spacial awareness along with defensive and offensive skills. The younger grades (k-2) did however have a hard time staying on the poly spots, I found success though using hula hoops and giving them a very specific area they had to stay in and they could reference by looking down! Great lesson!


I idea worked great it kept all of the students busy and they really enjoyed the lesson.

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