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Name of Activity:

Adapted Hockey Bean Bag Match

Purpose of Activity:

To modify a hockey activity to accommodate non-ambulatory students via gait trainers, wheel chairs, powered wheel chairs etc.


The ability to distinguish colors; the ability to make purposeful movement with minimal to moderate assistance.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

-2 hockey sticks per student OR -1 hockey stick and 1 hockey stick blade taped together -Tape or Velcro straps -various colored poly spots, markers or cones -various colored bean bags or yarn balls

Description of Idea

The purpose of this activity is for non-ambulatory students to independently match bean bags while implementing a hockey stick.

-Hockey stick should be strapped to w/c or gait trainer so the two blades rest on the floor with creating minimal friction, so students are able to move around the area without restriction.
-Scatter bean bags or yarn balls of various colors in one area of room / gym. ]
-Depending on ability, line up various colored poly spots with several feet in between polyspots to allow a wheelchair or gait trainer to go in between.
-Have students ambulate to a bean bag or yarn ball on floor and with purposeful movement align the bean bag or yarn ball in between the 2 hockey blades.
-Have the student ambulate from the area of bean bags or yarn balls to where you have placed the various colored poly spots.
-Have the student match the bean bag or yarn ball to the same colored poly spot.
-Have the student repeat the process until all bean bags have been matched to the same colored poly spot.


-Change the space in between the bean bags and poly spots depending on skill level
-Add pathways using tape for students to follow.
-Add or subtract the number of colors when matching depending on skill level.
-Use American Sign Language when having students match colors
-Add obstacles for students to navigate around.
-Add numbers to the bean bags and have the students match numbers to numbers etc.

Assessment Ideas:

-Ask students to match specific numbers or colors to assess learning.
-Have students ambulate in various pathways without a guide to assess the understanding of various pathways (straight, curved, zig-zag)

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

This activity has been created specifically for non ambulatory students. This activity can be done in a gymnasium, in a hallway, in a classroom.

Submitted by Jameson Flynn who teaches at Fall River Public School District in Fall River, MA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/14/2018.
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Adapted Hockey Bean Bag Match

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DR. Mick Savage

Love this activity for all students. very creative. Thanks!!!

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