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Name of Activity:

Go Fish Dribble

Purpose of Activity:

To practice the proper form of dribbling a ball with your hand.


Students should know the proper form of a dribble: finger pad push, waist high, head up

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

A deck or two of cards, poly spots, task card and a ball to dribble for each student.

Description of Idea

Note: This game is more appropriate for first and second grade.

Students are arranged in teams of three or four. Poly spots are put on both end lines of a basketball court. One poly spot for each team. Spread out the poly spots evenly on both end lines of a basketball court and put a task card by each poly spot. Spread out cards in the middle of the gym.

Teams start at their designated poly spot and everyone has a ball to dribble.

When the music starts the first designated student runs down to the pile of card, that are face down, and chooses one. The student runs the card back to their team. Other team members dribble their ball while they wait for their team member to "Go Fish".

The whole team does the assigned exercise/activity from the task card. Team keeps the playing card and continues to collect cards. Then the second designated student runs to "Go Fish". Play continues.

If a Face Card is drawn the team does not need to do any exercise/activitiy but must dribble in the other hand as the next student runs to "Go Fish".

At the end of the game you can count up pairs, three of a kind and four of a kind or the total number of cards.


Use a small size exercise ball to dribble.

Let student bounce and catch the ball.

Assessment Ideas:

The teacher is free to walk around and give specific feedback to children dribbling.

Essential questions at the end of class: Explain how to do a dribble with good form.

Submitted by Sandy Hagenbach who teaches at Heritage Elementary in De Pere, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/22/2018.
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Go Fish Dribble

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