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What is the cost to participate in these programs?

All of the programs are FREE.

Are your sites secure and safe for kids to use?

They are as safe as we can make them using current technology platforms and practices. Each of our sites has its own privacy statement which should answer most of your questions. It is our recommendation that you let your administration know what you are doing before moving forward.

Do students have to register to participate in these programs?

Students have to register for Log It or you can do it for them. Teachers need to register for the Challenges FREE of charge.

What is your best advice to successfully implement one or more of these programs?

We strongly suggest that you start off slow. It is best to register your school and then we suggest you pretend to be a student and register so you can see exacly how it works. You might just want to start with one class as opposed to registering your entire school. This has proven to be a mistake in the past. Also, take time to read the help and information sections of the site.

What are the most difficult things about choosing to use these programs at my school?

Getting your kids registered is the most time consuming and most difficult thing to do when getting any of these programs set up. Take your time and be patient. Also, check with your technology person in your school or district as many firewalls may impede working on programs such as LOG IT. Test them yourself at school before having kids register.

Do you mail any materials for any of these sites?

We do not. All of the information we have explainging the program is only available on our web site.

Can individual students register for programs like LOG IT.

Yes, by all means. If they are 12 and Under they must get a parents approval first however.

How do I get help if I am having problems?

Please contact us at 678-764-2536