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PE Central

PE Central

PE Central ( is a leading online resource for K-12 health and physical education teachers, parents, and students. PE Central is intended to provide the latest information about contemporary physical education programs for children and youth. Resources on the site include health and physical education lesson ideas, ready-to-print assessments, adapted physical education information, classroom management techniques, a job center, physical education equipment discounts, and information about best practices in physical education and programs designed to motivate children and help them improve their motor skills and understanding of the importance of physical fitness.


Automation Creations, Inc. (ACI)

ACI is the company responsible for building all of the PE Central Kids Program's Web sites that are featured in this collection. We have been proud to call them our design and developer partner for 10 years now. We hope to continue to build new and exciting Web sites with ACI that help motivate kids to become physically active for a lifetime. Below is more about our friends at ACI.

ACI was founded in 1996 and is located in Blacksburg, Virginia. They specialize in creating customized, data-driven, interactive, Internet and Intranet information management applications in educational, commercial and government sectors. Within the commercial sector, ACI has made the development of educational websites a top priority. ACI has worked with nationally known universities such as Virginia Tech and Radford University. The company has also developed numerous national educational websites for age groups that run the gamut, from pre-school to high school. ACI helped build PE Central into the premiere global physical education website and has helped Healthy Hearts for Kids and the soon to be released website, Take Charge Be Healthy, tackle the issue of childhood obesity and health education on a nationwide scale. Examples of other educational websites ACI has developed include “Get Active, Stay Active”, Log-It, Active Academics, New York’s Healthy Steps, and West Virginia’s Healthy Resources to name a few. Throughout the years, ACI has expanded its services to meet the growing needs of our educational customers. In addition to senior developers who architect eLearning applications, ACI has added talented graphic designers that specialize in illustration/cartooning, 3-D graphic design, Flash animation and kid-friendly user interface design.