Report Cards for Physical Education: Potterville Elementary School

Potterville Elementary School (Potterville, MI)

These skills, power standards, "I can" statements and progress reports are based on the Common Core Standards and are vertically aligned K-5. The progress reports can be used as formative assessments, and are a great tool to explain expectations to parents across the grade levels.

These report cards were created to go with the vertically aligned Standards and "I Can" Statements that are also on this site. They are for grades K-4. The standard numbers are based on the Michigan GLCE's, which were created based off of the National Standards.

Note: The following are all Microsoft Excel spreadsheets so make sure to click on the tabs at the bottom of each document so you can review all materials in the spreadsheet. Depending on the version that you have, you may need to adjust the row height or column width to see the whole cell.

Submitted by Coty Robertson, Physical Educator, Potterville Elementary School, Potterville, MI.

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