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Team Shake

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Name of App:

Team Shake

Recommended Grade Level:



Forming Teams/Groups



Device Used On:

Ipod Touch,iPad,iPhone

Cost of App:


Download Site:

Primary Use:

Management of groups/teams in class.

How App is used in classroom/gym:

Team Shake has been invaluable in the management of my middle school physical education classes. It has saved me an immense amount of time when I create teams. It allows me to balance teams while keeping certain students together and/or separating others.

I can save each of my classes so new/different teams can be formed at a moments notice.

Submitted by Dennis Gildehaus in San Diego, CA.   Thanks for contributing to PE Central!   Posted on PEC: 5/6/2013 4:02:33 PM.   Viewed 20740 times since 5/6/2013.

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so good

Sky Satterfield

I have this App and it is awesome. I use it almost every day to pick teams. Saves so much time. The app also allows you to divide the teams up evenly with boys and girls or by ability level!


Team Shake has just been released for Android as well and it is fantastic!

Additional Comments:

I would gladly pay $15-$20 for Team Shake. It is that good.