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Muscle Scan Mike

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Name of App:

Muscle Scan Mike

Recommended Grade Level:






Device Used On:

iPad, iPod, iPhone

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Primary Use:

I use this app as an instant activity, a way to get back into a tag game and for students who can't participate. View the Video (features kids using the app in the gym)

How App is used in classroom/gym:

There are 11 muscles that students are quizzed on. Make a poster for each muscle that includes a flexibility and strength activity. (View Handout) I took pictures of my students doing each exercise and took screen shots of each Muscle Scan Mike muscle for the posters.

Hang posters around gym on 3 walls. I leave mine up at all times. Leave the equipment needed for each exercise by the poster. When first learning this activity I would put multiple iPads in a circle so it is easy for the teacher to help students and direct them to the correct muscle. Students tap the app and go to the muscle poster that corresponds with the muscle that randomly appears on the app. They feel the muscle both through a flexibility and strength activity which helps them learn the muscles.

Once students have learned the activity I would put the the iPads along the 4th wall with no posters. All equipment is out of bounds and you can use this activity as an instant activity/warm up.

This app can also be used as a "ticket" to return to playing a tag game. The student would need to get 1, 2, or 3 muscles correct before re entering the game.

View the Video (features kids using the app in the gym)

Submitted by Sandy Hagenbach in De Pere, WI.   Thanks for contributing to PE Central!   Posted on PEC: 3/8/2016 9:50:54 PM.   Viewed 11788 times since 3/8/2016.

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Ashley Ferguson

I wanted to try muscle scan mike but when I tried it said no longer available in the US.

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