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Download Site (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.imageSpinner&hl=en

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I use this as a fitness awareness instant activity. Older students can also make their own spin grid. It can become an assessment by giving them the criteria for their spinner.

How App is used in classroom/gym:

I have 6 iPads and create a different spinner on each iPad. If you only have one iPad you would project the spinner onto the wall.
Multiple iPads-Students work with a partner. I have the iPads along one wall and the other 3 walls are labeled Aerobic, Flexibility and Strength. Any equipment needed for the activities on the spinner are put under the fitness component sign on each wall. The spinner allows you to put in your own pictures, up to 10, and then record the directions for each picture. I only use 3-5 pictures so they are easily seen on the spinner. Each spinner I make will have at least one strength, flexibility, and aerobic activity. Partners tap the spinner, decide what fitness component the activity is and then must run to the correct wall to do the activity that was on the spinner. Teachers monitor the fitness component walls to make sure students are at the correct fitness component. If a pair is at the wrong wall the teacher asks the students to justify their choice.


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Other categories could be included such as balance. Students need to show respect to others and have good listening ears so they can hear the directions recorded on the spinner.

Submitted by Sandy Hagenbach in De Pere, WI.   Thanks for contributing to PE Central!   Posted on PEC: 7/26/2014 3:42:06 PM.   Viewed 8677 times since 7/26/2014.

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M. McLaughlin

I like the idea of using a spinner for activities in class, especially the use of pictures to accompany the wording. I have used FitDeck cards in my class and have been thinking about ways to vary the lesson. I think that adding the spinner to the lesson would provide a new variation that students might enjoy more. I also liked how the spinner was tied to a fitness component. I can see using this as a way to assess if students understand the different fitness components and which exercises work on each component.


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