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Name of Activity:

Move It Line Dance

Purpose of Activity:

To perform various locomotor movements and dance sequences, while moving to the beat of the music.



Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

CD player

Recommended music:

"Move It" from the movie "Madagascar"

Beginning dance formation:

This dance can be done in a circle or in lines. The video shows the dance being done in a circle formation.

Description of Idea

„« 1-8 Grapevine Right; Grapevine Left
„« 1-16 Sidestep right squat; Sidestep left squat (Each squat is 4 counts) Repeat
R and L squats for a total of 16 counts
„« 1-8 Back step right (1-2); Back step Left (3-4); Back step Right (5-6); Back step Left(7-8)
„« 1-8 Jump Forward (8x) Each jump is 1 count.
„« 1-8 4 Jumping Jacks to back or front
wall or even in a circle, as demonstrated in the video. Each jack is 2 counts.
„« 1-8 March in Place (x 8)
Repeat the dance until the end of the song.


Upper elementary and middle school students could be taught the dance in lines and do 2 jumping jacks to the front and turn a 1/4 turn to the R on the 3rd and 4th jacks. This would make the dance a 4 wall line dance.

Assessment Ideas:

The teacher may assess his/her students ability to stay on beat and move rhythmically. The teacher could use the following grading scale:

0-no effort: student isn't participating.

1-needs improvement: student is participating,
but isn't paying attention, following directions, or staying on beat.

2-average: student is participating and making an effort to stay on beat, but is just going through the motions without enthusiasm.

3-impressive: student is responding well by staying on beat with enthusiasm.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

All movements of the dance could be done facing into the circle. The movements could be slowed to 1/2 the tempo for those students with cognitive disabilities. Students in wheelchairs could perform the grapevines and squats with the hands and arms and push the wheelchairs forward and backward for the other jumps and back steps. They could move the wheelchair in a circle for the jumping jacks.


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Move It Line Dance

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Previous Comments:


This is good, but the music is really quiet. Talking over it makes it even harder to hear. The dance itself was really easy to learn and teach though.


Students will naturally "mirror" you. Learn to move opposite of what your cues are or don't refer to left or right. When you say to move right (it's YOUR right), but as students are watching you it's THEIR left! Confusing for students. It's a hard skill to teach yourself...but, very beneficial if you can do it!


Taught this to my coed 7th and 8th grade students and they loved it. IT helped that it was easy to learn and music they liked. Good intro to the dance unit. The video was a great help.

Pat L

This would be so much better with actul children on the video.

Will S

You are going to force kids to be "enthusiastic"? Look up FEBA, because that's what your grading scheme will lead to.

M and P

In the process of teaching this dance to students in gradents 1-3. They are responding well to it. As for changes, instead of squats which can be tough on knees after a while, we have them doing a side step with a shoulder dip which adds a nice rhythmic flavor.

Marin Burch, Harvard-kids Academy, Matsuyama, Japan

What a wonderful dance! My students at our bi-lingual kindergarten here in Japan love this music. So, when we needed a dance exercise for the 5-6 year olds for sports day "Move It" caught my eye. The dance is easy to learn, GREAT exercise, and rhythmical besides being just plain fun and enriching. We plan to dress each kid as a different animal for the presentation and they will make their own costumes/masks in art time.

THANK you bunches!! ありがとう ございます!

Suzanne Land

I taught this to our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. I have each grade level (about 100 students) once a week first thing in the morning for about 20 minutes. I loved having the video for the students to watch and follow. The only suggestion would be for the person on the video to go left when you are suppose to go right so the students would mirror you exactly as they see it on the video. Please come out with some more of these!!! It has been so helpful and gives them something else besides cha cha slide and cupid shuffle to line dance to:)

Rhonda Westerhaus/Elementary PE, Pratt Community College

Thanks for this great resource. I am using it to introduce our Dance Unit.


We r doing this dance in r dance festival 4 school and my gym coach siad he got the idea from school

Mary Beth Quarles

I taught" Move It" to my 3rd - 6th graders last week. They loved it!When I taught it I put two side squats to the right and then two to the left. The music has everyone wanting to move. Thanks!


We just did this dance with 3rd graders! They really liked the dance and found it easy to learn.

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