Reducing Your Risk for Stroke

Control your blood pressure - High blood pressure (over 140/90) is the biggest risk factor for stroke.

Don't smoke - Chemicals in tobacco raise your blood pressure.

Control your cholesterol - High cholesterol levels damage your arteries and promote plaque formation.

Maintain a healthful weight - Being overweight increases your risk of high blood pressure.

Be physically active - Getting regular aerobic exercise promotes overall cardiovascular health.

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables - Bananas and other foods high in potassium my protect against stroke.

Take little strokes seriously - A small clot will sometimes clog an artery briefly, causing temporary weakness, dizziness or other symptoms. These transient ischemic attacks often precede a major stroke.

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Submitted by Chris Hess who teaches PE at Willow Springs Elementary in Killeen, TX. Chris is the Mangaging Editor of PE Central's Wellness Tips of the Week. Thanks for contributing to PE Central!

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