How To Stay Hydrated

Thirst is not the best signal for how much to drink. It's not enough to drink when you feel thirsty and stop drinking when youâre no longer thirsty.

After exercising, drink one pint of water for every pound of water you lost (weigh yourself before and after exercising).

Remember that cold liquids are not absorbed as well as body-temperature liquids.

Donât use caffeinated or alcoholic drinks for hydration; both are diuretics (they cause you to lose fluids).

If your exercise lasts 90 minutes or more, sport drinks are a good choice for fluid replacement. The carbohydrates, sodium, and potassium in sport drinks speed muscle recover time and reduce fatigue. Waterâs the beverage of choice if you exercise less time than this.

You need more fluids during hot weather, but do not underestimate how much fluid you lose even in cooler weather.

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Submitted by Chris Hess who teaches PE at Willow Springs Elementary in Killeen, TX. Chris is the Mangaging Editor of PE Central's Wellness Tips of the Week. Thanks for contributing to PE Central!

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