Emergency First-Aid Steps

Shout for additional help.

Assess the situation.

Determine if emergency medical help is needed and call for it if it is.

If the person canât breathe and youâre trained in CPR and/or Rescue Breathing begin rescue breathing. (CPR should only be performed when there is no breathing and no Heartbeat)

Stop bleeding by applying direct pressure; cover your hands with rubber gloves or wrap them in a plastic bag.

Treat shock symptoms by covering the person with a blanket or extra clothing.

Check for a medic-alert bracelet.

Comfort the person until help arrives.

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Submitted by Chris Hess who teaches PE at Willow Springs Elementary in Killeen, TX. These were adpated from Vitality Wellness magazine. Chris is the Mangaging Editor of PE Central's Wellness Tips of the Week. Thanks for contributing to PE Central!

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