Flash Flooding & Low Water Crossings

When you notice water has covered the roadway from heavy rains, DO NOT drive into or enter the water.

Do not drive around low water barricades that are blocking the roadway.

If your car gets swept away in the water open your windows, this helps to equalize the pressure that pushes against doors when the water rises around the car.

Do not play in or around areas that have been flooded.

If there is a threat of flood water coming close to your home, listen and obey the warnings and leave when told.

If your home is flooded out be very careful when you re-enter your home. There is a very good chance that you may have some wildlife, including snakes, hiding out.

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Submitted by Chris Hess who teaches PE at Willow Springs Elementary in Killeen, TX. Chris is the Mangaging Editor of PE Central's Wellness Tips of the Week. Thanks for contributing to PE Central!
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