Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Wrap raw vegetables in a damp paper towel and put in a plastic bag for freshness.

For a low-fat snack, pack a sandwich bag of home-popped "light" popcorn, seasoned with Parmesan cheese.

To reduce fat intake, use reduced-fat mayonnaise and dressings, deli turkey and chicken, reduced-fat cold cuts, water-packed tuna, and low-fat cheeses.

Stainless steel or glass lined thermoses keep food hotter, colder, and safer than plastic-lined thermoses.

Use a thermos size that's only slightly larger than the amount of food or liquid. Minimal air space keeps food best.

Core an apple; spread each half with peanut butter; top with raisins, then press the halves back together.

Blend a banana or strawberries with low-fat yogurt (add milk to get a pourable consistency). Refrigerate overnight.

PE Central Wellness Tips

Submitted by Chris Hess who teaches PE at Willow Springs Elementary in Killeen, TX. Thanks for contributing to PE Central!
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