Week 5:

Sept. 23-27

Concept Name/Title:

Know Your Fire Escape Route


3rd and Up

Concept Explained:

It is important for students/parents to know what their escape route is in their houses and/or apartments if their is a fire.

Materials Needed:

Jump ropes, mats, blindfolds, cones, and other things that students can use to build an obstacle course.

Description of the Activity / Task:

Have the equipment (listed above) set out into 4 safe areas of the gym or outdoor area. Divide students into 3/4 groups. When they get to the area they are to work together to design an obstacle course that utilizes all of the equipment in their area. (Teacher can pre-design these courses if they want)

Explain to the students that in order to safely get out of your house during a fire you may have to negotiate different obstacles during that escape. Have the students practice going through course.


1. Have the students go through blindfolded.

2. Have the students pair up. One student is blindfolded, the other is not. The student that has use of their sight must give directions to the blinded student about how to get through the obstacle course. Time the students.

3. Designate 2/3 of the obstacles as doors. Make sure they check the door for heat before proceeding.

Submitted by the Doctoral students in the Health and PE Program at Virginia Tech. These ideas were presented at the Sharing The Wealth Physical Education Conference in Jekyll Island, GA (1996). Thanks for contributing to PE Central!