Week 4:

Sept. 16-20

Concept Name/Title:



3rd and Up

Concept Explained:

To increase flexibity it is important to stretch your muscles appropriately. To do this you must stretch warm muscles, keep joints slightly bent, and hold for 20-30 seconds.

Materials Needed:

Pieces of taffy or tootsie rolls.

Description of the Activity / Task:

Give each of your students a piece of cold taffy or tootsie roll (you can put in refrigerator if you want). Ask the students to try to stretch the taffy. They won't be able to because it is cold.

Next have the students move in general space holding the piece of taffy in their hand. After moving for about 5 minutes ask them to stretch the taffy. They should be able to because it is now warm so it is easier to stretch.

Explain that is the same principal for appropriately stretching their muscles. That is why we move first when we come to gym class.

Submitted by the Doctoral students in the Health and PE Program at Virginia Tech. These ideas were presented at the Sharing The Wealth Physical Education Conference in Jekyll Island, GA (1996). Thanks for contributing to PE Central!