Week 3:

Sept. 9-13

Concept Name/Title:

Know Your Password


2nd and Up

Concept Explained:

Unfortunately we live in a world where children are kidnapped at an alarming rate. Often times the abductors are strangers. Giving children a password that matches a corresponding password that a trusted adult (i.e., a babysitter, or friend) has been assigned may help protect our children from these abductors.

Materials Needed:

5 pieces of paper with passwords written on them.

Description of the Activity / Task:

This activity is very similar to Amoeba Tag. Five (or a number of your choice) students are given a private password (they are the "ADULTS"). Each of the other children are given one of the 5 passwords. They aren't allowed to tell anyone their password.

As the children move through general space using different locomotor patterns, the ADULTS go around the room, approaching each child, and saying their password. If they find a child with the correct password, that child must "attach" to the ADULT, and continue moving around the room in search of more students with the same password. This continues until all have found the ADULT with the correct password.

Submitted by the Doctoral students in the Health and PE Program at Virginia Tech. These ideas were presented at the Sharing The Wealth Physical Education Conference in Jekyll Island, GA (1996). Thanks for contributing to PE Central!