Week 2:

Sept. 2-6

Concept Name/Title:

Low Fat vs. High Fat Foods


2nd and Up

Concept Explained:

Eating foods low in fat is an important concept for students to understand. Hopefully by starting them on the road to a low fat diet, accompanied by being physically active, will help them live longer and healthier lives.

Materials Needed:

Pictures of food dishes mounted on heavy poster board (about 5" X 5" in size), cones for general space

Description of the Activity / Task:

Place pictures of different food dishes around the playing area. Make sure they are on fairly heavy paper so they don't blow around. The students begin to move around general space using any locomotor pattern. When the children hear the signal they are to pick up a picture closest to them. After looking at it they need to determine whether or not it is a high or low fat food. After making that decision they are to move through the room in a predetermined locomotor pattern (e.g., high fat means to slide sideways, low fat means to skip forward). They hold their picture above their heads while moving so you can see them.

On your signal they put the picture down, continue to move freely through the general space, and pick up a new picture on your signal.

This is a great way for you to check for nutritional understanding of your students.

Submitted by the Doctoral students in the Health and PE Program at Virginia Tech. These ideas were presented at the Sharing The Wealth Physical Education Conference in Jekyll Island, GA (1996). Thanks for contributing to PE Central!